Who are we for?

We Are For All Authors

novelists, poets, journalists, copywriters, crime-writers, bloggers, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, essayists, short-story writers, designers, critics, speechwriters, editors, ghostwriters, publishers, academics, researchers, comedians, translators, food writers, storytellers, entrepreneurs, marketeers, students, diarists, scrapbookers, & anyone with a good case to join us : wannabes, dabblers, pros & award winners.

The challenges we address for our writers

  • Build networks that are local and online
  • Inspire confidence and knowhow
  • Support creative expression
  • Overcome isolation

What we produce

In person events, online events, website with news, and opportunities through partnerships for writers in Devon

Next Steps

  • increase writers reached in Devon
  • increase partnerships in Devon & beyond
  • create and develop website content

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