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Authors Cafe is an online events space that will include visits to cafes and other lovely places in Devon; while also holding online events to network writers in Devon, with the literature sector around the world.

See our previous event with Africa Writes Exeter Book Club led by Exeter University and Jalada Africa in Nairobi on our events page.

We are for all authors:

novelists, poets, journalists, copywriters, crime-writers, bloggers, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, essayists, short-story writers, designers, critics, speechwriters, editors, ghostwriters, publishers, academics, researchers, comedians, translators, food writers, storytellers, entrepreneurs, marketeers, students, diarists, scrapbookers, & anyone with a good case to join us: wannabes, dabblers, pros & award winners.

Books are brilliant aren’t they? So Authors Cafe will involve a lot of books, so readers are very welcome and you never know you might even get the writing bug, because first and foremost Authors Cafe aims to nourish all writers.

If you don’t read or write, and books aren’t your thing, don’t worry we will share some of the drinks and goodies that we are currently sourcing from local producers – jams, pickles, vinegars, ciders, beers, and English wines.

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